Alex Manuputty
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Index Disco - Grafie ..  Artist: "Alex Manuputty" Album: "No More" Songs on this Album  1. Allright  2. Happiness  3. SayGoodbye  4. No More  5. Reach  6. Hear  7. Junky  8. Dance  9. Onvoorwaardelijk  10. Hurt and Love  11. Feel it 2  12. No Questions  13. Hear (Dance Version)  Single releases;  1. Crazy ***  2. WE  3. THE ONE  4. Nothing less  5. Liefde van mijn Leven All songs written by Alex Manuputty  *** Sound Design by Michael H Vocals by Alex Manuputty (Lead - and Backing Vocals)
Feel it 2 by Alex Manuputty “Disco Funk” 
Happiness by Alex Manuputty “Pop Happy Summer Feel” 
Crazy by Alex Manuputty ft Michael H “Acoustic ”  
No More by Alex Manuputty “Rock ” 
Available on:
We by Alex Manuputty Instrumental Ballad”
Allright by Alex Manuputty “Soul”  


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All his music is recorded live at the studios AA-Soundproductions in the Netherlands On his album he worked together with the best Amsterdam / Dutch Musicians like Gus Genser Drums (Herman Brood), Henne Reijs Keys (Vocals: Birgit Lewis, Xander De Buisonje), Bill Honing Drums (Brother from the famous Jazz Sax player: Yuri Honing). On the single “Crazy” he worked together with “Michael H” former sound designer for Yamaha and TOTO. Index Disco - Grafie .. Artist: "Alex Manuputty" Album: "No More" Songs on this Album 1. Allright 2. Happiness 3. SayGoodbye 4. No More 5. Reach 6. Hear 7. Junky 8. Dance 9. Onvoorwaardelijk 10. Hurt and Love 11. Feel it 2 12. No Questions 13. Hear (Dance Version) Single releases; 1. Crazy *** 2. WE 3. THE ONE 4. Nothing less 5. Liefde van mijn Leven All songs written by Alex Manuputty *** Sound Design by Michael H Vocals by Alex Manuputty (Lead - and Backing Vocals
Nothing Less by Alex Manuputty (Single Release) 
Onvoorwaardelijk by Alex Manuputty (Dutch Song) 
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